You inspire each other every day to smile harder, to dream louder and to be better. You are best friends, adventurers, and die-hard romantics. You've laughed together, cried together, and you always let each other grow. You'll hold hands in the movies, share challenges and ice cream cones, kick off your shoes and piggyback ride your way home. You are in love with life and with each other because you are unashamedly yourselves. Sometimes you get a little camera shy, but above all, you know it in your hearts that a wedding starts long before the big day! Well...aren't you a bit like me? 

About me

Philosophy of Art

Hi. I'm Nick. I'm a Greek destination wedding photographer, but I've been an image hunter for longer than I can recall. The human experience has always filtered through my life and work, and I've been lucky enough to capture heritage, passion, friendship, kindness, joy, and what we all come down to at the end of the day: crazy, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. I like to keep things simple, document and piece together all the small bits that'll make your mom cry, your friends smile, and your children say: you guys had a hell of a good time on your wedding day! I love exploding colors, smart styling, and sincerity, and I'm pretty sure, wherever your journey takes us, our adventure together will stay with you for as long as you both shall love! 
Wish me to save the date? Say hello, and let's meet, one soul to another! 

Fine Art  Photography

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The difference is in the grain.

Why I Shoot Film