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About Nick
I’m a trend setter, an adventurer, a photographer! I love experiments and personal projects. Finding new perspectives and breathing in new life into old boring scenes is what inspires and gets me excited!
“My goal is to use my camera, to open an unexplored world, a place of curious self-expression, but also a world of new relationships, new chances new beginnings and most importantly new stories.”

Explore your emotions

You inspire each other every day to smile harder, to dream louder and to be better. You are best friends, adventurers, and die-hard romantics. You've laughed together, cried together, and you always let each other grow. You'll hold hands in the movies, share challenges and ice cream cones, kick off your shoes and piggyback ride your way home. You are in love with life and with each other because you are unashamedly yourselves. Sometimes you get a little camera shy, but above all, you know it in your hearts that a wedding starts long before the big day! Well...aren't you a bit like me?

Italy - Ostuni
A wonderful and intimate wedding in Tuscany.
Be part of your fairytale


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